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What makes PT. ARDAYA different...

Since 2016, we pay attention close to detail and do not cut any corners. Quality and Customer Satisfaction are our concern above all. We provide personalized service and handling each project from start to finish. We complete our work by the time line with our unique processes, deliver with distinctive designs and successful build which result in client satisfaction. Our unified team expertly develop your dream store.

One of the greatest benefits to our clients is our full service design model which provides a seamless transition from expert design to precise construction. The project on our own is a collaborative team made to continuously support you through each phase of your store.
William Arianto
Nurul Akbar Siswanto
Project Head 1
Yoseph Samuel Santoso
Project Head 2
Hendi Hidayat
Admin & Finance Head
Maulana Adi Saputro
Designer Head
Production Head
Branding Tax Head


Jakarta Head Office & Workshop
Jl. Dr. Ratna No.39 Jatibening - Pondok Gede, Kota Bekasi

Central Java Workshop
Jl. Desa Tanjung Timur , Cepu - Blora, Jawa Tengah

East Java Workshop
Jl. Rakyat Darkun RT 06/03, Meganti - Kec. Meganti Gresik, Jawa Timur

Bali Workshop
Jl. Pendidikan IV Side Karya - Denpasar, Bali Selatan

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